I love StoryMaps and the potential they have in engaging the public. It is a concise way to provide information to the public in a way that incorporates multiple media formats. It can help reach those that are looking for something different than just reading a post or watching a video.

I created my first story map in the Fall of 2019, my first semester of graduate school. It is a short tour of espionage activities performed by the Allies during World War Two. The first half details some of the components of the espionage system while the second half of the tour focuses on the distraction operations leading up to D-Day.

The map can be found at

In Spring 2020 my class partnered with the San Antonio Office of Historic Preservation. My partner and I worked to create an interactive StoryMap showing the development of South Flores street from 1919-2020. Along with the map there are also stories about buildings from the street, and a timelapse that shows how the street is more developed the further down you get. At the end of the StoryMap is a set of questions we left with the viewer to ponder about development and preservation.

The link to this story map is